In order to improve your Mandarin learning, Linguese puts a simple yet essential resource at your disposal: textbooks. According to your level and preference, you will fine everything you need, from exercise books to novels, to practice your Mandarin and improve quickly.

On Mandarin Books we have different sections with the latest trends in terms of Mandarin books. You will find books for our Linguese academic, business or conversational courses, as well as books to get ready for official exams or additional material for our group classes.

These resources will be useful as support and practice for our online class exercises and they will reinforce your fast learning. Among the available publications we provide the most efficient materials to prepare for the HSK, BCT and YCT exams.

Besides, in the “Language“ section we count many books for companies, grammar books, Mandarin listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises as well as dictionaries and books about translation or interpreting, so to be able to practice Mandarin in its different aspects any time you feel like it.

In the travel section you will find anything concerning China, its culture and its magnificent spots. Explore one of the countries with the most ancient and fascinating cultures in the whole world. And if you wish to learn more about any particular aspect of the Chinese culture, you will find books about economics, food and tea, martial arts, health and medicine or philosophy and religion in the “Culture“ section.

On Mandarin Books you can also find a section for the little ones, to encourage them to learn Mandarin in an easy and fun way.

Parcels are normally sent 4-5 days upon receiving the payment. No matter the selected shipping method, we will make sure that the parcel is sent as soon as possible.