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- You do NOT need to include students.

Tips for a good video:
- Make sure you are visible in the video. A white background will help.
- Record the video using a webcam on a computer.
- Make sure sound quality and lighting are good.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Linguese?

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Where do I teach?

Teachers can teach from anywhere in the world. They need a computer, a speed Internet Connection, earphone, microphone and web cam.

Where is Linguese’s main office located?

Linguese’s main office is located in Barcelona, Spain.

Application / Requirements

How do I apply to teach on Linguese?

You can apply to teach on Linguese on our application page, right here: Apply

Am I applying to teach private tutoring or group classes?

In the application form, you are by default applying to become a private tutor. However, you can indicate whether or not you are also interested in teaching group classes.

Can I apply to teach a language that is not currently listed on Linguese?

Yes. We are accepting teachers for all languages, and will launch new languages on a rolling basis.

Do I need teaching experience?

Teaching experience is preferable and will increase your chances of admission.

Do I need a teaching certificate?

Teaching certificates are preferable and will increase your chances of admission, but not necessarily required.

Do I need to be a native speaker?

As one of Linguese’s value propositions is to connect language learners with native teachers, being a native speaker of the language you intend to teach is generally required. However, we sometimes make exceptions for non-native speaking applicants with exceptionally high levels of proficiency.

When will I hear back from Linguese?

Admitted teachers will hear back from us within 1 week after submission. If something is missing in the application, we will contact you individually.


As a teacher, how do I get paid?

Teachers are paid through PayPal or bank transfer. Linguese offers a 100% guarantee that teachers are paid for their teaching.

How often do I get paid?

We send out payments every 3 months, within the first 10 days of November, February, May and August.

Private Tutoring

How many private lessons can I teach?

Teachers can teach an unlimited amount of private lessons on Linguese.

How long is each group class?

Each Private class is 50 minutes long.

Is there a minimum availability I need to offer?

We recommend to input at least 15h/week of availability in order to have a good chance to get new students.

How much can I expect to earn from private tutoring?

Earnings are a function of your availability, the number of students you can handle and the quality of your profile page. Many successful teachers are teaching full-time on Linguese.

Group Classes

What are group classes?

Linguese Classes are conversation-based group classes designed to help people achieve fluency in a structured and fun way with real, experienced language teachers.

How long is each group class?

Each group class is 50 minutes long.

How many students are in each class?

Group classes can accommodate up to 6 students at a time.

Who creates content for group classes?

Teachers can create their own class content. However, Linguese provides a large compendium of suggested class materials and resources.

Do I need to teach group classes if I am admitted as a teacher?

No. Some Linguese teachers offer only private tutoring lessons.

How much can I expect to earn from group classes?

Earnings from classes are a function of your availability, personal requests, performance and student ratings over time. These factors vary from teacher to teacher.


What do I need to teach on Linguese?

Teachers need a reliable internet connection, a fully functioning microphone and a webcam.

What video technology do I use to teach?

All teaching on Linguese is done through LearnCube virtual classroom (don’t worry, we can assure you it’s very easy to get started and easy to use).

How do I communicate with my students?

All communication with students is done through Linguese’s messaging system.