Linguese is the one-stop solution to learn Chinese Online.
In one unique platform you will find the four essential elements to learn successfully the language.

  • Best native teachers passionate for their job
  • High quality, engaging and interactive materials
  • Community of Chinese students to create small study group and have fun
  • Academic advisor who helps to settle your goals and keep you motivated

Our achievements support us! 70% of students that purchased a first Chinese course with Linguese, purchase more and more courses until they reach their goal. Doesn’t matter if you need to learn some basic Chinese for a trip to China, if you are studying for an official exam or you need to deal with Chinese customers or supplier… Linguese is your solution to learn Chinese!
Upon completion of a course and after passing the exam level, you will receive a certificate to accredit your Chinese level. Our certificates follow international standards to prove your accomplishments and they are an added value for your curriculum
Learn Chinese with Linguese is easy and convenient. You can choose how many lessons per week you want to take and when. You can even reschedule lessons already confirmed up to 3 hours before their starting time. You only need Internet connection, computer o tablet, earphone or speakers, microphone and webcam (optional). You can take your lessons anywhere: home, office, airport and even a hotel swimming pool may become your Chinese classroom.
You will learn Chinese with native teachers, qualified and experienced for teaching Chinese as second language. Our teachers worked for recognized Universities and Confucio Institutes and they have been selected for their international experience in teaching Chinese. All our teachers share their passion for teaching Chinese language and culture and their passion guarantees your success.
With the trail lesson our teachers and academic advisor will help you to establish your initial level, settle your goals and choose the course that suite you most. You won’t make efforts to learn thousands of new words that you will never use in your daily life. You will focus only in that aspects of Chinese language and culture really useful for you, optimizing your study time getting the best of it. We developed 14 different programs thinking about all the possible reasons why people study Chinese and if you don’t find the program that perfectly fit your needs, we will make it a new one totally customized for you.

With Linguese you can have lessons with qualified native Chinese teacher without wasting time for commuting. You will save about 40% comparing with the price of a private teacher who comes to your place.
Our subscription plan start from a minimum of 39 € per month up to 179 €, depending on the number of lessons you want to get every month.

Furthermore if you really want to learn Chinese properly and you are ready for a midterm commitment, you can purchase a 6 month subscription, saving more money.
You will have the support of an academic advisor who speaks your language and he/she will follow you since your trial lesson. The academic advisor will help you to choose the course that suits most your needs and interest. He/she will help to seat your goals, keeping you motivated.
Learning materials are included with any subscription plan. You can choose if you prefer to use multimedia online materials or a paper book that we will send to your place. We have an extensive selection of engaging learning materials for any level and any interest. It’s much easier to study what you are really interested in and what is useful for your daily life. This is another important key to reach your goals.