What are the best outdoor basketball shoes?

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What are the best outdoor basketball shoes?

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been asked this and now you have a solid list that can help point you in the right direction. Make sure you take away the little tips that are thrown about (thick rubber outsoles & durable upper) as those tips can be applied to any sneaker sitting on a shelf.

If you wish to take a look at the list then stop by Sneaker Report and check it out. Feel free to come back to Kicks On Court to discuss.

Best outdoor basketball shoes discuss 2018


    I feel like the nike Hyperfuse 2012 should have been up there. I use them sometimes for outdoor hooping, and after 6 months, they are still in great condition.

    1. WILL

      thanks big boi i want to get the hyperfuse 2012 but i wasnt sure but yea i think the list is pretty legit

    2. NIGHTWING2303

      I mentioned the Hyperfuse & said anything Hyperfuse is meant for outdoor hooping.

    3. BIGJ

      I think he implied it with the Hyper-something XD that its basically a more rugged Hyperfuse which is already rugged as it is. So basically going for either doesn’t really make a ton of difference. Just didn’t make it redundant to make room for other kicks.

      1. BIGBOI

        my bad, should have read it more carefully

        1. NIGHTWING2303

          No worries, Im not mad at you lol.


      does the traction on the hyperfuse 2012 last a decent amount of time for outdoors?


    Would you consider a segment that focuses on outdoor performance shoes? I have been interested in the Nike Air H.A.M, K-1X Anti Gravity, and the Jordan B’Mo.

    I saw the K-1X Anti Gravity performance review, but they don’t seem to be available on their website to the US yet.

    Does the Nike H.A.M. have any type of forefoot cushion?

    1. ARMERO83

      K-1X Anti Gravity are available at http://www.kickz.com, with a global shipping service… unfortunately shipping cost to the US is 51€… but for the community in Europe these shoes are an awsome option for outdoors.


        Thanks for the info. 51 euros just for the shipping cost alone??? Hell to the no lol!

  3. RON235

    Any chance for an initial impression of the Fila 96’s? These arent available for to try on where im from, so any thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

    1. NIGHTWING2303

      Not right at the moment but I do plan on reviewing them.

      1. RON235

        Thanks bro, look forward to it =)


    It is just based on the thickness of the rubber on the bottom of the shoe and the pliability…don’t know why this is such a difficult topic to tackle.

    1. ICE09

      So that is what basically makes any Basketball shoe an outdoor shoe? The pliability of the rubber?

      I’m just getting back into Bball shoes after years of not buying any. I need to get a couple of pairs of outdoor shoes. I think I will take a look at some of these shoes listed in the article.

  5. ICE09

    I see that Eastbay now have both the Hyperfranchise XD and H.A.M. listed as new arrivals. I thought the H.A.M. was a non US overseas shoe that had been out for a while?

    I wonder if it is only forefoot zoom in the Hyperfanchise? And would the H.A.M. have any cushioning in the forefoot?

  6. JAY2

    The Hyperfranchise is basically the Hyperenforcer XD with a beefier upper. Same outsole. It also looks like it would fit a wider range of feet than the Hyperenforcer, which were narrow as hell. I actually like them but I barely play outdoors anymore.

    1. ICE09

      What was/is the cushion set up in the Hyperenforcer XD?

      1. JAY2

        Forefoot Zoom only I believe.

  7. DYLION35

    the CP3.VI is my outdoor hoop shoe


    I’m lucky enough to own a pair of Nike Air Raids that will probably last me a lifetime for outdoor ball. I also use a pair of Air Jordan 1 Alpha Outdoors that have lasted 3 years and look good off court too!


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    is the CP3’S good for outdoor too?


    I use the Kobe 8’s for all of my indoor play. But haven’t been able to find an XDR pair anywhere in my size! (14)


    Yo anyone heard of the Adidas Crazy Isolation? Is it good for outdoor use? Thanks

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