What are the Best Golf Cart Batteries?

Are you in search of the best golf cart batteries? Thank goodness, you’re reading the right article. This piece will broaden your knowledge on the things to consider when buying a golf cart battery and we will also review the best golf cart batteries available in the market. Furthermore, we’ll also recommend some battery maintenance tips to ensure your golf cart’s battery lasts long.

Now you know these important considerations while buying the best golf cart batteries, let’s proceed to the real deal, the review part!

Best Golf Cart Batteries Reviews

For this purchasing guide, we will have our nearby look on the first class three golf truck batteries and their highlights, costs and also evaluations and cycles. It is vital to take note of that most golf truck batteries can likewise be utilized on water crafts, campers and also tractors. Be that as it may, you should utilize them with mind. Ensure they are legitimately kept up.

1.Trojan T-105 6V Golf Cart Battery Review

The Trojan T-105 battery offers the preferable incentive over some other golf truck battery, however it’s the most costly golf truck battery in the market.

What makes it extraordinary?

The Trojan T-105 produces 6V or 225mAh of energy and is appraised 25 amps at 447 minutes. This T-105 will last as much as 7 hours for every single charge on the off chance that you utilize it at 25 amps for each moment. It’s basic to likewise specify that its life cycle is pegged at 750 cycles, the best accessible in the market. Be that as it may, that doesn’t compensate for its weight.

The battery is entirely overwhelming, weighing around 28kg or 62 lbs. It, be that as it may, compensates for its weight by offering enough power and battery juice to keep any golf truck going. Lodging the battery is a fenced in area with measurements estimating 10.30 x 7 x 11 inches.


Enduring battery life, because of Trojan’s mark Maxguard and Alpha Plus innovation.

Pleasant for sun powered uses too.

Goes through Flooded Lead Acid, which guarantees to give most extreme administration.


It’s entirely substantial.

Conclusion: The Trojan T-105 golf truck battery accompanies genuine feelings of serenity. It’s enduring and the cycles are the most noteworthy in the market. Purchase Trojan T-105, purchase esteem!

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2.Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart RV Battery Review

In case you’re on a financial plan, at that point the Amstron GC2 AGM golf truck battery is the ideal choice. It weighs 68 lbs, a bit more than the Trojan T-105 which weighs 62 lbs. The Amstron GC2 was constructed utilizing the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) innovation found on the T-105 which guarantees longer battery life. You don’t need to stress over trading the batteries for quite a while to come.

The battery’s cycle is well more than 600 which is the suggested normal for generally batteries. It quantifies around 10.2 x 7.1 x 10.8 inches.


Exceptionally moderate

Durable cycle with more than 210000mAh battery juice.

AGM Technology guarantees the life span of the battery.


It’s as overwhelming as its partners.

Conclusion: One of the reasons why we prescribe the Amstron GC2 6V AGM battery is a result of the way that it’s moderate and has enough battery juice to keep going as far as might be feasible.

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3.VMAXTANKS 6V AGM Golf Cart Battery Review

The VMAXTANKS 6V battery is a battery that gives clients most extreme use life of around eight to ten years. It comes furnished with cutting edge AGM Technology that guarantees long life.

The VMAXTANK battery is sans upkeep, so you’d require not stress over including water from time to time. It gauges around 9.5 x 7.5 x 11 inches and weighs only 72 lbs.


Enduring battery life

AGM Technology that guarantees ideal yield

The size is sufficiently direct.


It measures substantially more than the others

Conclusion: The VMAXTANKS 6V golf truck battery is made to give and support energy to your golf truck for only somewhat token. We trust the organization ships it with most extreme fulfillment ensured.

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To start, we’ll investigate…

Things to Consider to locate the best Golf Cart Battery

Your sort of golf truck: The primary thing to consider when looking for another golf truck is the kind of golf truck you utilize. Is your golf truck electric or gas controlled? The batteries every one of these kind of truck utilizes vary. Utilizing a battery made for a gas controlled truck on an electric golf truck may likely decrease the battery’s life and make harms the truck.

The rating of the battery: Golf truck batteries are appraised either 6V or 12V. It is imperative to purchase a golf truck battery that meets the details of the makers of your truck. Purchase the required number of batteries that would create the most extreme measure of energy required by your golf truck.

Life Cycle of the battery: Another factor worth considering is the life cycle of the battery. We’d prescribe purchasing a battery with more than 600b life cycles. Keep in mind to investigate the minutes per amp run. For example, a battery might be appraised for 475 minutes at 25 amps. This infers the battery will keep going for 475 minutes in the event that you utilize it at 25 amps.

The cost of the battery: To guarantee you get the best an incentive for your cash, we prescribe that you check the costs of a similar battery on various sites. When you’re finished doing that, go to the neighborhood shops in your general vicinity and investigate their costs. You will spare a dollar or two.

Abstain from purchasing utilized batteries: New golf truck batteries don’t cost much, consequently we suggest that you purchase new batteries rather than utilized ones which appear a considerable measure less expensive. On the off chance that you should, purchase from respectable merchants who will give you a guarantee – this applies to obtaining new batteries.

6 volt Golf Cart Batteries versus 12 volt Golf Cart Batteries

( Why do electric golf autos utilize 6 (six) 8V batteries rather than 4 (four) 12V batteries? )

We need to have our inquisitive personality behind the idea of golf truck batteries, how they are made and run.

Indeed, here’s the rearranged reply.

Other than the voltage of the two batteries, there are stark contrasts between both of them.

A 8V battery regularly found in golf trucks is frequently by and large viewed as a profound cycle battery and is required to be utilized something like a specific low level before it would be energized. Then again, the 12V batteries regularly found in autos must remain always charged to the overflow for it to work proficiently.

In addition, the measure of energy provided by a battery to the engine of a golf truck’s motor makes it either turn quick or moderate.

Since standard golf trucks are intended to movement at velocities of just 15 miles for each hour, this suggests their engines don’t turn quick not at all like the adjusted golf trucks with rates of up to 25 miles for every hour.

Different components that record for the utilization of 8V batteries rather than 12V batteries incorporate the heaviness of the batteries. 12V batteries measure more than the 8V batteries and accordingly aren’t frequently considered amid generation.

Beside weight, the cost of fitting a 12V battery into a golf truck is plainly higher than the cost of fitting a 8V battery into a similar golf truck.

Most golf truck proprietors needn’t bother with a considerable measure of energy and mileage extend in their golf trucks, consequently the regular utilization of 8V batteries which have short mileage go per charge when contrasted with the 12V batteries with longer mileage run per change.

A certain something, you can look at our far reaching rundown of the best golf push trucks in the market!

The most effective method to Test A Golf Cart Battery

As a rule, you may have some sort of feeling that your battery isn’t great any longer, and you need to make certain before purchasing another one… Below are a couple of ways you can test your golf truck battery to ensure it is as yet working.

Utilize a heap analyzer: One fast approach to test your golf truck batteries is by utilizing a straightforward apparatus known as a heap analyzer. This heap analyzer is a voltmeter which has a straightforward DC warming curl associated with it.

Interface the heap analyzer to a somewhat released battery and it will show the battery’s voltage after you probably squeezed a catch on it. On the off chance that the battery drops more than .5V in the perusing that shows up on the heap analyzer, there’s an awesome probability that the battery is coming up short.

By utilizing a hydrometer: If you have a hydrometer around, you can basically utilize it to test your golf truck battery. Nonetheless, it’s not as simple as utilizing a heap analyzer. On the off chance that you have no earlier learning, at that point you should take it to a specialist.

Have you picked the battery that meets your criteria? In the event that you have, at that point you have to peruse the following part to know how you can clean your truck to make it enduring.

Instructions to Clean A Golf Cart Battery

Beside the fabricate quality, one of the key to having dependable golf truck batteries is appropriate upkeep. There are sure rules and regulations of golf truck batteries you should know to guarantee life span.

Here is a brisk guide on the most proficient method to clean your golf truck battery

By and large, most battery makers will incorporate pamphlets (in the bundling) on the best way to keep up the battery. Kindly, don’t discard those handouts. It is essential to take after a producer’s guidelines for ideal execution.

Purchase defensive attire for yourself: This is the main activity in case you’re thinking about on cleaning your golf truck battery. Since batteries are loaded with corrosive, uncovering your eyes or any piece of your body to it will cause genuine medical issues.

Have enough water running close-by: This water will prove to be useful if corrosive from the battery sprinkles on you. The water will help kill the causticity. You’ll additionally be requiring the water for some blending.

Get heating pop and water: Mix some preparing pop and water and splash it on the battery. Utilize a paint brush if important to get over the soil. In the event that the earth still adheres to the body of the battery, shower the blend and abandon it for a few minutes previously dismissing once more.

That’s it in a nutshell.

On the off chance that for any reason you’re not happy with doing the cleaning yourself, enlist somebody to do it. In the event that you don’t have any defensive dress or eye goggles, kindly DON’T endeavor to go close to the battery.


1.How much are Golf Cart Batteries

The cost of the golf truck batteries changes based on voltage and limit. On a normal a golf truck battery costs from 100 to 400 USD.

2.How numerous batteries in a golf truck

An electric golf truck may have 4 to 8 golf truck batteries in it, contingent upon the truck.

3.How to test golf truck batteries

You can test your golf truck battery either by a hydrometer or a heap analyzer.

Last Verdict

Knowing the sort of golf truck you ow

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