Travel Tips for International Students in China

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Travel Tips

Right from high school, many students have been dreaming of going abroad to further their studies. You can imagine the feeling of elation when the admission into an international college is finally approved. For most students, it’s really hard to contain their excitement and planning for school starts right away. Once the semester begins, will handle at your academic writing needs professionally. Perhaps you can’t wait to travel to the city where your university is located, check out these tips as you go ahead with your academic pursuit and enjoy the wonderful adventure.

  • Research about your destination
    It is now faster to obtain information about anywhere in the world due to the internet; information is readily available for those that are interested. There are certain websites that offer free information about the city where your university is located. In the process of researching, you can learn about scholarship programs, weather, and culture, climate with the cost of accommodation, transportation, internet access and food. Taking this action will assist in proper budget planning and makes it easier to adapt.
  • Get in touch with other students
    Before and after arriving at your destination, make friends with both local and international students studying in your college or in Chinese universities generally. If possible, connect with those who studied in your college. The advice they give will make your stay enjoyable and help you spend less money compared to other fresher’s.
  • Travel light
    It’s common for newly admitted students to feel like packing everything along with them when travelling abroad. Creating a checklist and packing your things days or weeks before travelling will assist in taking only the essential things. Remember that you can always get other things at an affordable price in China.
  • Learn Chinese language
    It’s always useful to be able to speak the language of the country where you are travelling. Understand what people says, read local newspapers, listen local radios and watch television can help you to understand better the culture of the country you are visiting. Furthermore if you can communicate with local people, it’s very helpful to solve practical problems you may have on the way. Especially if you are travelling in China where people can’t really speak English, it’s very advisable to learn at least some basic Chinese to be able to communicate with a taxi driver, book and hotel room or order your mean in a restaurant.
  • Take along all necessary documents
    You don’t want a situation where it becomes impossible to present some documents just because you failed to come with them. Essential documents like your passport, admission notice, travel insurance, visa, medical insurance and ID card must be kept safe. Apply for a passport as early as possible and you can only make use of the one that will remain valid for the next six months. The same thing applies to the visa, find out about the exact type that you will need. As you prepare to travel, make many copies of your document because there are times when the photocopied ones will be required. Endeavor to move your documents to the cloud in case the unexpected happens, it’s much safer there.
  • Spend wisely
    One sure way to handle your finances efficiently is to set up a reasonable budget and stick to it.Try to have an idea about the conversion rates. Any of the budgeting apps can be used by students. You will be tempted to splurge money on unnecessary things once in a while, be determined and intentional about improving your spending habits. You will be thanking yourself years later when you become an expert in managing finances properly.

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