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Today we are interviewing our student Matteo to learn more about the origin of his passion for China, his approach to Mandarin and his experience with Linguese…Let’s find out together!







Name: Matteo Buffa


Age: 35


Nationality: Italian


Profession: Teacher


Where do you live? Cagliari


How did you get to know Linguese?

I was looking for an online Mandarin school and through my web “roaming” I “ran into” your website…


How long have you been studying with us?

Two years if I remember it well.


how did you decide to learn Mandarin with our method?

I was looking for an online school


What do you find most fascinating about the Chinese culture?

Wushu and calligraphy, the language, the history, the food, the music, the literature, actually traditional culture in general!


Have you ever been to China? Are you planning on visiting soon? What is your ideal travel plan? 

I have been to China several times and I go back there every year to study martial arts with my masters!


Do you think Mandarin is useful when it comes to martial arts? 

Without knowing the language I would not have been able to do all the experiences I did.


Do your future project include a staying in China?

As I said earlier, I travel to China every year to study and improve my knowledge of martial arts and the language.


What would you suggest to people who want to invest their time in studying Mandarin? 

Besides studying a lot, try to get a space where you can use the language in a “real” way (your school is great for this).

One of the things I could observe during my trips is that our real knowledge of the language can only be measured through a conversation with local people, where you have no context and everything is free and improvised….

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