How much do you know about China?

Challenge your friends with Linguese test about China. Get a full mark and stand a chance to win  up to 5 free Chinese lessons!


How Much you know about ChinaChallenge your friends and mates, take Linguese test to find out how much you know about China.

Score 10 points and stand a chance to win up to 5 free extra lessons on your next Chinese course. You have time until August 31st!


Our 10 questions Quiz is on Facebook, you will need to log in to your Facebook account in order to answer the questions. Take the quiz before August 31st, score a full mark and stand a chance to win up to 5 extra classes on your next course. Our classes are all 1to1 with professional native teachers.

The 10 questions are:

What is the capital of China?
¿What kind o bear is most popular in China?
 Panda bear
 Grizzly bear
 Polar bear
 Tawny bear
What is the lucky color during Chinese New Year?
What international event took place in Beijing in 2008?
 World Cup
 Olympic Games
What is the main religion in China?
What does it mean literally Zhongguo (中国)?
 The fire dragon
 The Middle Country
 The Big Country
The Chinese believe that tai chei gives the earth what?
The Terracotta Warriors are located in which city?
What number is often considered unlucky in China because of its similar pronunciation with the word “death”?
Which city is the world’s largest gambling destination?
 Hong Kong
If you are the lucky winner, we will contact you on September 1st. Good Luck!

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