Why Chinese are good in maths and how you can ace your algebra test

Today we talk about a mathematics. I am sure you have heard the rumor that Chinese people are good with calculations. As a matter of fact, over the last 20 editions of the International Mathematic Olympics, 15 have been won by Chinese scholars. This article will analyze the reasons that make Chinese students outstanding in maths on a global scale.road-sign-361513_1920

Chinese students start learning maths facts at the age of 7 years old. In order to understand multiplication, pupils have to memorize the multiplication rhyme: “four times eight is 32, five times eight is 40” and so on, which was invented by ancient Chinese scholars 2,200 years ago. They learn multiplication by heart up to x20, therefore they are able to make a calculation like 18×13 in a blink.

The Chinese curriculum in maths is a nine-year program divided into four mathematical stages, running from primary school to grade 9, when a child is 14 years old. The curriculum sets out five teaching periods a week for maths in primary and junior high schools. Teachers often set at least half an hour of homework every day for primary school pupils and more for secondary pupils. So it’s normal for Chinese pupils, particularly secondary and high school students, to spend more than 15 hours per week on maths both in and outside the classroom.

A new compulsory mathematics curriculum was introduced in 2001 and revised in 2011, setting out standards for “number and algebra”, “space and graph”, “statistics and probability” and “practice and applications”. The goal of maths education in China is to develop conceptual and procedural knowledge through rigid practice.

Math becomes confusing as students enter higher years in high school and college. Algebra is an integral part of Mathematics and students need to be meticulous with this subject to understand the rudiments of solving different equations. Students can take advantage of Algebra homework help to seek answers or understand how they can solve the problems that are sent as their homework. There are many students willing to help fellow students pass their algebra subjects with ease.

There are so many topics covered in Algebra and most students get confused with the load of information when these are discussed in school. Not everyone will understand equations with complex numbers, graphics, exponents and inequalities, polynominals, quadratic and rational expressions in one go. It may seem complicated at first, but with constant studying and a little help, students will soon get the hang of solving for these and may even learn to do their homework on their own.

Algebra homework help is essential for those who intend to take competetive examination or wish to pass university entrace exams. It can prepare students with their math and ace their Algebra which is a solid base for General Education Development examination. GED actually is an equivalent to high school certficate thus, students who were not able to complete their high school need to pass this test to proceed with university studies.

Students who need Algebra help for homework and coaching need not worry about finding the right tutor or coach. They can get people to help them solve all the different questions and problems with their Algebra. There are homework help website that offer effecient and effective mathematics tutorials for high school and college students.

Homework help and assistance aims to make mathematics easier for students. Math is not a subject that is loved by all and its complexities makes it even daunthing for many students. With homework help websites, students can take advantage of guidelines in solving equations. This will make learning math simpler and easier for many students.

Math subjects need very little memorization and yet it requires plenty problem solving skills. Homework help may furnish students with methods and guide solutions for Algebra equations. Although they may need to memorize, small successes in solving math problems will help students grow their confidence as well as their interest in the subject.

There is no easy path to acing math subject especially difficult ones like Algebra but with constant practice and doing the basics will help polish any students to become proficient in the subject. Being able to discuss lessons and getting appropriate help for Algebra homework is an effective training for students to start understanding problems. Once they learn how to solve different problems and get the right answers, they will soon expand their learnings and try to solve for the harder and more challenging problems.

Math subjects including Algebra form part of important examinations for high school certification and even university entrance examination. It is essential that students understand and do well with the subject. Many profession require good grades in mathematics and science subjects thus students should try their best to ace their math subjects and excel in the different disciplines including Algebra.

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