6 really efficient apps to learn Chinese characters easily


If you are searching for really efficient apps to learn Chinese characters easily, these apps will help you to improve your mandarin really quick.


App to learn Chinese characters

In the rapidly growing technological world, the language exchange and opportunities to learn new ones is booming. People are searching for more ways to facilitate their learning experience.


Since there is a high interest to learn Chinese, app developers are creating valuable tools for the ones who are eager to learn mandarin. Our teachers are using the apps below in their lessons and experimented with several students these applications. They realized that students, who used these apps improved their ability to learn Chinese characters. With great confidence we can recommend the apps I will list below to improve your skills.


1.Skritter Chinese

SkritterSkitter is one of the most known and widely recommended Chinese apps on the current market. And that for a good reason: They use the only SRS designed specifically for Chinese and is enabling users to match their individual learning style with a really clear overview over your learning progress. It is excellent for learning characters and words but the app has still left for improvement.





  1. Learn Chinese – ChineseSkill

Learn Chinese is a really helpful app and provides you with a great introduction into personalized learning. Its extremely user-friendly and shows with widely positive reputation how to use an app for professional language development. The handwriting possibility is welcoming beginners with a great tool to learn how to write in Chinese.


  1. FluentU – Learn a language with videos!

FluentU is an app which used video and audio to share their content and facilitates the learning progress with easy tangible content. The app contains a really broad variety of videos and it shifts the learning experience from textbook learning to video studying. Authentic video content from the internet to create a new learning environment. FluentU is giving you the feeling to learn a lot in a more relaxed way.


  1. Hanping Chinese Dictionary

HanpingHanping works completely offline and the well-developed interface has multiple inputs, a lot of idioms and many other useful features. Added to that it has a syllable-by-syllable audio pronunciation by a native speaker. A great tool for revision your progress.





5.  Monkey Write-Learn Chinese for kids

Another app to learn Chinese character is Monkey Write. It is welcoming curious children and adults alike with its lightweight function and user-friendly mode. The app is providing a stroke number system to learn easier how to write characters. A great app for introducing young minds into the world of speaking mandarin.


6.  Pleco Chinese Dictionary

Is available on Android and iOS devices and is an all-in-one app: off-line dictionary, flashcards, optical character recognizer, handwriting recognizer, stroke order diagrams, audio pronunciation, and text reader.


If you think this was a helpful article for selecting efficient apps to improve your mandarin, let us know. When you think there are more apps which should be on the list write a comment below and share your tips with other users. If you want to know more about how to learn Chinese characters then you can read the following post 10 Tips on how to learn Chinese characters


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